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From the NYPL website

The New York Public Library’s “What’s on the menu?” Project

The New York Public Library wants you! The public library system is currently working on a large-scale project to transcribe and digitize their collection of more 40,000 menus that date back to the 1840s, and they’re opening the process up to the public. So if you want to try out your amateur archivist chops, or want to help out just…

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Aardvark Social Search Engine

Aardvark and Social Search

I recently found this website called Aardvark, advertised as a “social search engine” where people can find answers online from other people, not web pages.┬áIt’s a very interesting site and is part of the growing trend towards social search. The era of social search Online search is becoming a more dynamic and interactive process. This is apparent when you see…

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