Eygpt goes off the Internet grid

Image from the Renesys website

As of January 28, 2011, Egypt has a near 100% Internet blackout. This graphic to the left–courtesy of Renesys, which has ongoing analysis of the Internet  situation during Egypt’s major protests–shows how the country’s major ISPs have systematically taken down the country’s available Internet networks. Writing on the Renesys blog, James Crowie (the company’s CTO and Co-Founder) notes, “our new observation is that this was not an instantaneous event on the front end; each service provider approached the task of shutting down its part of the Egyptian Internet separately.” Crowie says that the sequencing pattern you see in the graphic above “looks like people getting phone calls, one at a time, telling them to take themselves off the air…one by one until Egypt is silenced.” You can read Crowie’s ongoing analysis here.

The New York Times also reported that cellphone networks were disrupted in the country, noting that Vodafone was “obligated to comply” with Egypt’s order to suspend cellphone services.

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