Information Visualization of the New York Times’ “War Logs”

This video appeared in the New York Times’ Technology section today and shows time-lapse visualization of the war in Afghanistan based on leaked documents from the Wikileaks organization. The video appears on Mike Dewar’s Vimeo page and it is explained as a “visualization of activity in Afghanistan from 2004 to 2009 based on the Wikileaks data set.” The color on the heat map represents the number of “events logged” during the duration of the war.

The “Wikileaks data set” and “War Logs” refer to the New York Times’ reporting on a collection of documents regarding the Afghan War that was originally leaked to Wikileaks and subsequently made public to the paper in July 2010. The original “War Logs” story appears here.

The “Visualizing the Wikileaks War Logs” story appears here.

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