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LA Times: Shepard Fairey, et al, brighten West Hollywood Public Library

A little bit of good news about public libraries coming out of West Hollywood today. WH will be opening a new public library in October this year and a group of artists are creating street art-style murals for the building. The artists include Shepard Fairey–he of the Obama “Hope” poster and the ubiquitous Andre the Giant “Obey” stickers– and Retna and Kenny Scharf. Fairey’s assistants included Nic Bowers, Dan Flores, Jason Filipow, Kyle Oldoerp, as well as several interns.

Fairey also wins Citizen of the Day (an award I just made up) because, as he notes on his website: “Calm down taxpayers…I was not paid to do the mural and paid for my own supplies and labor.” Donating your time and energies for the public library. Good job citizen!

Read the LA Times article here: Shepard Fairey, street artists brighten West Hollywood library – latimes.com.

Visit Shepard Fairey’s website here to see more photos: http://obeygiant.com/.

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