Love Letters of Men and Women of Genius

Here’s some intersting information: I recently bought an old pocket-sized book for 25 cents titled “Love Letters of Men and Women of Genius” at the Young Research Library’s book sale. It’s from Haldeman-Julius Publications, Girard, Kansas, edited by E. Haldeman-Julius. There’s no publication date but it’s very old.

It contains love letters between Napoleon and Josephine; Mary Wollstonecraft and Gilbert Imlay; and Victor Hugo and Adele Foucher, among others.

The following is the text of a love letter Napoleon Bonaparte wrote to his wife Josephine. There is no date on Napoleon’s letter but it is was written and sent from Marmirolo, Italy where he was on a military campaign, yet he had time to write love letters. Any comments in […] are mine.

“I have your letter, my adorable love. It has filled my heart with joy…Since I left you I have been sad all the time. My only happiness is near you [and conquering Europe!]. I go over endlessly in my thought your kisses, your tears, your delicious jealousy. The charm of my wonderful Josephine kindles a living, blazing fire in my heart and senses. When shall I be able to pass every minute near you [when you’re exiled], with nothing to do but to love you and nothing to think of but the pleasure of telling you of it and giving you proof of it? I fancied that I loved you some time ago; but since then I feel that I love you a thousand times better. Ever since I have known you I adore you more and more every day. That proves how wrong is that saying of La Bruyere ‘Loves comes all of a sudden.’ Ah, let me see some of your faults; be less beautiful, less graceful, less tender, less good. But never be jealous and never shed tears. Your tears send me out of my mind–they set my very blood on fire. Believe me that it is utterly impossible for me to have a single thought that is not yours, a single fancy that is not submissive to your will [kinky]. Rest well. Restore your health. Come back to me and then at any rate before we die we ought to be able to say: ‘We were happy for so very many days!’ Millions of kisses, even to your dog.”

Her dog?! Well, tune in next time for Josephine’s response!


  • samara November 22, 2008 Reply

    It’s so sweet that he would take time out from conquering Europe to tell his lady-love how he felt about her.

  • Leona Laurie November 24, 2008 Reply

    This is a delightful entry. You make librarianship seem nearly as exciting as those Librarian films.

  • Sheila Charles September 15, 2011 Reply

    What a load of Bull!!

    • chris September 15, 2011 Reply Author

      Believe it, Sheila!

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