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Tips for the job application process

I wrote this article to share some tips that I thought would be helpful for new and newish MLIS grads when applying for library or archives jobs. First off, this is not an article where I tell you the five tricks to help you secure your dream job! You can find those types of articles on numerous job websites. What I…

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Done, done, and done.

Well, I made it through my first quarter of graduate school here at UCLA.  It got a little hairy at the end there but I got everything turned in. For Information in Society our final paper had to be a description of a “new idea” within the information management profession.  I wrote about the need for librarians, information managers, and…

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Library Science Graduate School Week 1: Is an Antelope a Document?

This is apparently a standard first-year library science question designed to “blow our minds” and get graduate students thinking about the nature and organization of information. It’s also somewhat of an ongoing joke in the library science community, even inspiring UCLA students to design antelope-themed T-shirts in previous years. My gut reaction was: Uh, of course an antelope isn’t a…

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