San Francisco Board of Supervisors' "Official Map of Chinatown in San Francisco" showing today's Grant  Ave. and Beckett St.

San Francisco Historical Street Names Index [Updated]

I have recently migrated the San Francisco Historical Street Names Index away from Google Fusion Tables since the index, at the moment, lacks a spatial component. The data, however, is still available online as an interactive index through a simple Google Spreadsheet view. The spreadsheet allows users to filter, sort, and view the historical data in a much simpler and user-friendly way. You can view and interact with the updated online index here.

The illustrated guide below will show you how to filter and sort the ever-growing historical data set.


1. Select the Filter icon filtericon in the sub-menu and select Create new temporary filter view.



2. The dark grey temporary filter view will appear, called “Temporary filter 1” by default. You can now select the filter/sort menu within each column. This filter/sort menu shows you all the unique data values that appear in your selected column.



3. You can select or de-select any value to view (or hide) that value, or you can sort the values in your column alphabetically, A-Z or Z-A. You can also type a data value into the search box to see if that data appears in your column; select or de-select elements from there.

Click OK to view your data.



4. If you choose “Mission District,” your spreadsheet will be filtered to show all historical street names where Neighborhood(s) has a data value of “Mission District.” filter3

If you know of an old street name that is not currently in the index, I encourage you to send me an email here to help build the historical resource for other researchers. Please provide at least the (1) current street name, (2) historical street name, and (3) citation to this information. Thank you.


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