Winter Break

I realize this blog entry is a little late, but I just got these pictures off my camera. My family and I celebrated Christmas (and Mom’s birthday) with a little family trip to Hope Town, the Bahamas. I’m not sure if I have to say “the” with Bahamas, it sounds funny without it. Similar to how people say The Ukraine but a Ukrainian woman I attended undergraduate school with always thought it was funny that Americans put “The” in front of Ukraine. The country she would emphatically tell me is Ukraine, not The Ukraine. So I will call it Bahamas. This was my trip within my trip home to Florida.







Here is the Hopetown library which was just down the road from where we stayed. It was a small, one-room library staffed by a group of volunteers. The library was hideously disorganized. I didn’t care, I was on vacation from thinking about the Dewey Decimal system, Library of Congress Subject Headings, and the MARC classification system, etc. It was nice to just be looking through stacks of books.










Here is the old Cholera cemetery. This was also just down the road from where we stayed–actually, everything was about a 5 minute walk from where we were, so everything was just down the road. The cemetary is built on the windward side of the beach dune.








A little bit of history: I wasn’t aware of this but the Bahamas were taken over (settled or founded would be Eurocentric, no?) by a group of loyalist British soldiers who escaped from the American colonies during the Revolutionary period. The sign seems pretty self-explanatory.








Photo taken by my nephew. This is the day that we rented bicycles and a golf cart to explore the island. We also went to the southern tip of the island to Tahiti Beach. It was a little chilly that day so I didn’t swim.








Mom, nephew and I watching the sunrise over the Pacific Ocean. The dune was right in our backyard!


My brother-in-law Moss found a mystery packet of some liquid in the kitchen. We all tried to guess what it was and we made a bet that whoever lost would have to use whatever was inside the packet as the thing that they guessed. Here are everyone’s guesses as to what was inside the mystery packet:
Me: Mayonnaise
Moss: Icing
Liam: Ketchup
Mom: BBQ Sauce
Brandy: Personal Lubricant
Samara: Honey

Well, it turned out to be peanut butter, and a good time was had by all!
PS, we all decided not to use the peanut butter as the thing that we guessed. I think Brandy was very relieved that we didn’t make him honor the bet.

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